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Furniture and homeware that is either useful, long-lasting, low impact or with a timeless beauty that transcends passing fashions. All handpicked and researched to meet our ever-increasing sustainablility standards

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We make it less complicated to make smart choices, by researching and compiling the best sustainable products from a wide range of homeware stores, brands and makers all in one place

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We believe it’s time for a societal shift towards more conscious consumerism and we are partnering with both big and small brands to propel the movement and help influence this change on a global scale

A place for ideas to shine

We are entering a new era of possibilities in sustainability and design.
We created Eyes Wide as a platform to showcase and nurture these new innovations and ideas, and also to invest in product development
in-house to help set the benchmark even higher

A purchase
is power

Together we can show manufacturers there is a strong market for thoughtful, sustainable design, and we can encourage increasingly higher ethical standards here on Eyes Wide and across the interiors and homewares industry


The sustainability movement has a reputation for being elitist, expensive or ‘a bit hippy’. We’re here to change that, with products and ideas that aren’t only ethical, but also cool, beautiful, useful or stylish

Transparency first

We aren’t a standard shop, in that we don’t sell or ship any products directly ourselves. We partner with big and small retailers to bring you an ethical edit of their products and we make a small commission by referring you to their sites. By clicking on our shopping links you help to support Eyes Wide and our quest for innovation in sustainable design



Nina is an Interior Designer with over thirteen years experience in the industry designing homes, restaurants, and hotels around the world. She founded her own London-based design studio, Nina+Co, in 2014 to work on selective projects with a sense of community and a focus on sustainability, and to collaborate with other talented designers and makers on a range of homewares products.

Jessica Jenkin

Jessica is a Digital Creative with over 18 years experience and an award-winning portfolio of work. She has worked both as a highly sought-after freelancer and full-time with her latest role being in-house as UI Designer at Her interest in sustainable design comes from her father, who was a ground-breaking architect in Canada championing solar passive heating and greener building standards.