6 Sustainable Soap Dishes

by Nina April 28, 2020  |   3 min read

We’re getting through more soap than usual with all this extra hand washing. If you’re making the switch to packaging-free solid soap then, like us, you may also have found you’re short of a soap dish or two. To avoid soggy bottoms and wasting your delicious, hand-crafted, essential oil-infused bars, choose a dish that will have minimal contact with the soap and allow airflow underneath so it can dry easily. I’ve shortlisted a few in a range of materials to suit a variety of taste and space.


Drip soap dish, Dor & Tan, £37.00

This ceramic dish is a calming and beautiful interpretation of ripples on water. Hand thrown in Cornwall, every piece is unique, adding a human touch to an often impersonal space.



Wall-mounted soap dish, London Bathers, £27.00

A minimal space-saving solution for showers or small basins. These are designed and made in Britain and for every sale until at least the end of May, London Bathers are donating a bar of soap to charity so it gets to people who need it during the coronavirus crisis.

Cork soap dish, Iris Hantverk, £8.00

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, harvested gently without harming the tree that continues to capture even more CO2 as it regrows the bark. This wonderful natural resource is also fully biodegradable.


Loofah soap cushion, Redecker, £4.45

Made from the fully biodegradable loofah plant, this dual-purpose soap rest allows the soap to dry quickly and can also be used to give the basin a quick wipe over keeping it sparkling clean. This product is the lowest priced in our roundup and although it can be refreshed in the washing machine or the dishwasher, it will need replacing once in a while when it gets tired-looking.



Wells recycled glass soap dish, Ethical Superstore, £8.50

This ocean-hued simple design is made in Spain from 100% recycled glass. A very durable, easy to clean product that should last more than a lifetime.


Koha Beauty bamboo soap dish, Wearth, £6.50

Handmade in South Korea, this soap dish is made from the abundant and fast-growing bamboo plant and protected with a plant based non-toxic lacquer. It comes package-free, only wrapped in tissue paper.