Why We Started Eyes Wide

by Nina April 27, 2020  |   2 min read

Eyes Wide is a brand new site designed to help you create and maintain a beautiful home more sustainably. We are growing a directory of furniture, lighting, homeware and home care products and a host of informative, quick-read articles to give you the tools you need to make your home more thoughtful. Eyes Wide is here to prove that you don’t need to compromise on style to buy ethically, and that it can be accessible and affordable for everyone.

My fellow founder Jess and I are combining our skills as interior and digital designers to bring a user-friendly, beautifully curated, one-stop-shop of homeware to those who care. Jess, having worked for the likes of ASOS, BBC, Nike, Max Factor, Lexus, Argos, and The Sunday Times is using her world-class digital design talent for good, and solving the problems she has encountered trying to source ethically for her family’s London home.

I am downloading the product library I’ve been collecting in my brain since forming my own studio Nina+Co six years ago. I want to share what I have learned so far as a sustainably-minded interior designer during fifteen years of designing five-star hotels, restaurants, and family homes.

The interiors sector as a whole has been lagging behind other design fields (architecture and fashion) on the sustainability front for too long, so we are here to make noise and shake it up.

We need to drastically reduce the negative impact we have on people and the planet and this should begin in the home.

Eyes Wide will showcase the great products already out there and highlight the brands doing good. We will cultivate a community of people who care, provide practical solutions, and accelerate change. Together we can show manufacturers there is a strong market for thoughtful, sustainable design, and we can encourage increasingly higher ethical standards here on Eyes Wide and across the interiors and homewares industry.

We are also developing new boundary-smashing products in-house to demonstrate what’s possible in the realm of sustainable design. Keep your eyes peeled and watch this space…