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Urbanara – Louzela Organic Cotton Bath Towels

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Inspired by geometric Scandinavian pattern, the Louzela Towel collection brings contemporary style to your bathroom. The collection was made with 100% organic cotton in Portugal in a frottier construction. Unlike thicker terry-weave towels, the Louzela remains absorbent but has a smoother, more even finish, ensuring the integrity of the pattern remains visible. In bright, complementary hues, this refined organic collection is designed in the same colours as the Ventosa: mix and match them to give your bathroom a fresh style lift.



We love it because...

If buying cotton, then choosing organic over conventional cotton is a must for improved sustainability. These GOTS-certified organic bath towels from Urbanara have a much lower environmental impact than conventional cotton, utilising far less water, pesticides and fertilisers. Organic cotton also reduces human and wildlife health hazards compared to conventional cotton.

Organic cotton from Urbanara

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