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  • recyclable
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‘If you could make wooden furniture more sustainable, would you?’ That’s the question We Do Wood posed to themselves when they launched their Denmark-based furniture brand. And it turns out, the answer was Moso Bamboo. So that’s what every piece is made from. The SJ Bookcase is an asymmetrical masterpiece, composed of boxes in different colours and shapes. Each one’s made from Moso Bamboo, and because the cases are adjustable, you can rearrange it and switch it up whenever you get bored.



We love it because...

This shelving is made with FSC-certified moso bamboo, grown without any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, and it’s finished with natural linseed oil. The flexible arrangement of the bookcase provides the opportunity for refreshing and renewing the look from time to time. There’s a larger version available here. With a circular mindset, We Do Wood design all their furniture so that it “can be absorbed into nature after use”

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